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Missouri taxes: What do you owe? How is it being spent?

Spending Tools

Want the latest, up-to-date information on how your Missouri tax dollars are being spent? Visit our newest suite of tools at Show-Me: The Spending to find out.

Click here for the Show-Me: The Spending tools.


Tax Estimator

Nobody likes to pay taxes, but no matter where you live or work, some level of taxation is a certainty. Unfortunately, most people do not have the resources to compare tax rates for cities and counties throughout the state. The Show-Me Institute’s Missouri Tax Estimator can help answer several Missouri tax-related questions.

For example, how will your tax burden change if you move to a new city? What if you get married this year, or have a second child? What if you contribute more money to your 401K? Try our estimator. By using tax rates collected from cities and counties across the state, Missourians can clearly understand the taxes they pay. We’ll compute the expected tax burden for someone with the characteristics you input, even as you make financial or lifestyle changes. It’s all here in “Show-Me: The Taxes.”

To get started, please visit our online tax estimator tool.

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